• Flame tamed


    Set your CT PROformance Combitherm oven to PROpower and accelerate your production to be 20% faster than other combi ovens, and 70-80% faster than conventional cooking methods.

    Rapid temperature recovery and enhanced efficiency, precision and control yield better food quality and moisture retention.


    The CT PROformance Absolute Humidity Control gives your combi oven greater production flexibility than ever before by allowing you to precisely set the humidity level in one percent increments from 0-100%, maximizing food quality, texture and finish.

    Perfect browning, crisping and finish are the result of the balanced airflow. With the reversible five-speed fan setting on the CT PROformance Combitherm oven you can achieve the desired result with precision and consistency.



I sleep a little better at night knowing the food is going to be done when I get to the kitchen the next day. It makes those moments when you’re in the weeds a little easier!”
Executive Chef Andy Dombrowski, Cowell & Hubbard (a Zack Bruell Restaurant), Cleveland, Oh.


“We were never able to do things like smoked items before because we are all about small plate production and keeping up with the line. Now, this oven is a game changer and there is literally nothing we can't put on the menu. It is definitely more controlled, more efficient and more comfortable. There is no doubt that the food is better simply becuse of the precision."
Chef Peter Sandroni, La Merenda, Milwaukee, Wis.

Oconomowoc-Memorial-Hospital"It has definitely reduced cooking time, while producing a better finished product. We love batch cooking our veggies and especially our cookies. All in all, this machine should be in everyone’s kitchen."
Chef Brent Russell, Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital, Oconomowoc, Wis.



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